Esteem & Style: Let’s Stop the SELF Body Shaming Already!

Esteem & Style: Let's Stop the SELF Body Shaming Already! | Stop looking at areas on your body that aren't your favorite as problems! You don't have problem areas. This post is for you if you're looking to learn how to style yourself or trying to cover up those "problem areas."

Esteem and style is like the chicken and the egg argument. Does great style precede great esteem or is it the other way around?

As a personal stylist, I’m always hearing others in the industry and even clients talking about “problem areas.” So what exactly IS a problem area? Also referred to as “trouble zones,” problem areas are those areas of one’s body deemed as less than desirable by not only themselves, but by society. This way of thinking is absolutely beyond me.

PSA: There is no such thing as a problem area.

Women’s bodies have amazing capabilities and should not only be looked at objects of affection or sexualization. I think that in order for outward body shaming to stop, it has to start FIRST within ourselves. Our verbiage and the way we talk about ourselves has to change. If we look at our bodies as having problems and areas that need fixing, we are setting ourselves up for failure. This type of language is the breeding ground for why we struggle to love ourselves as-is in the first place.

Now when styling clients, I don’t look to address problem areas and how to hide them. That makes them seem like a deep, dark secret and we should never view our bodies that way. I look to work my clients and find things that they LOVE about their bodies and find ways to celebrate them! If this sounds like something you agree with and you’re looking to elevate your style, email me at to book a FREE virtual style discovery consultation!

Death to “problem areas!”

Cheers to new perspective and learning to love ourselves,





Prep Sunday!

#PrepSunday Facebook.png

Are you getting ready for next week or are you going to let everyday take you by surprise? Are you going to continue being late to work because you didn’t get everything together the night before? NO, you’re not!! Let’s get everything together TODAY. Look out for my post next week titled,

 “How to Stop Being Late for Work!”

2017 is Already Here!




I’ve got a feeling that next year is going to be one for the books (in an AMAZING way)! I am so 3252ea4e-e3f1-4d0a-a903-6fe69260e443excited for the cool, new things that I will be offering this coming year on my blog. Plan to see more frequent posts on fashion, style, health & fitness, finances, confidence, relationships and so much more! This past year been my least favorite (to say the least!) and I’ll actually be discussing some my 2016 takeaways in the near future. 2017 has already started for me! If you want your next to be greater than your before, well sweetie, you’ve got to be prepared and ready with arms wide open. Fortune favors action. If someone came to you today and asked you how much you needed to start your business, would you know DOWN. TO. THE. CENT? If your favorite industry icon knocked at your door at this very moment, would you already have your stuff together, or would you have to get ready? Fam, we have to be ready for our dreams to collide with us. I know I’ll be ready to collide with mine. Stay tuned and get ready to enjoy the ride. 

Your Dreams Shouldn’t be Optional..

imageHey all you fab folks out there! I really miss you all 🙂 So this morning I’m at work thinking about all of the things I have coming up: personal deadlines for my blog & business, body benchmarks, getting clothes ready for a fashion show, etc. And as I’m thinking about my forever running to-do list, I try to think of ways that I can be motivated & use my time wisely. Then all of a sudden it hits me! I suddenly realize that most people just like me have goals & things on our to-do list but I noticed I was already making excuses in my mind if I “just so happened” wouldn’t be able to get these things done!

Why do we make our dreams and goals so optional? It’s almost as if we make promises to ourselves & don’t mind if we don’t keep them.

Well here’s a few tips I find that help keep me motivated & making my dreams a priority NOT an option:

  1. Put your dreams down on paper. Write the vision! When you’re able to unscramble the things you have to do & you can visually see what you have to do you’re more likely to follow through with them.
  2. Be realistic. My little brother put it to me simply: don’t make thanksgiving dinners (enormous goals) for yourself to eat everyday! Make small snacks (bite-sized goals) so that you can actually accomplish something.
  3. Take yourself seriously. You wake up in the morning & get there on time everyday because it’s not an option, right? Neither are you dreams/goals!
  4. Enjoy the process. This is a BIG one. Being afraid of the journey &I the unknown ahead will keep you frozen in fear. Don’t let it!

I think the last tip is the biggest reason why we don’t move forward. We’re afraid of what the process is going to look like. But little do you know ypu probably have everything you need to move forward right under your nose.

I Can’t Believe I’m Actually Doing It!

imageToday was the first time I actually called myself a stylist to a client…and it felt phenomenal!

I styled this guy (above) because his mommy and 2 little girls were looking for something for him for some personal senior pics he’s about to take. And his mom wanted a suit for him to wear in college to interviews and such. Here are some of the details of his fit:

•The shirt is patterned but you can’t tell from far away. I wanted to give him something classic with a little flare.

•He was tiny and wanted a fitted suit so I literally had to find the smallest size suit I could find.

•No those shoes aren’t a part of it! He already has some at home 🙂

I literally can’t put into words how empowered I felt searching and putting prints and colors colors together..and especially for a guy!

I can’t even lie. On the walking over to help the little family I was annoyed because I thought that it was taking away from my time at work. But I foolishly forgot that’s the ENTIRE reason that I’m there!! I’m realizing that we can get so angry about our current situations in life that we completely miss the opportunities that still surround us while we’re in them.

So he and his mama walked away with 4 pieces that I picked out head to toe. And I walked away feeling like I’d conquered not only an outfit but what the outfit represents. I am learning to defeat negativity that I was drowning in all while pressing towards where I want to be. Even though I’m not quite where I want to be. Make sense?

Well, now I feel like I’m rambling. Until next time!

How to Stay Positive when You Don’t Wanna

image Good morning! Sooo I’m driving to work this morning and I can’t help but feel like my life is like Rihanna’s new song…work, work, work, work, work and more work! Since August I’ve been trying to adjust to post-college living and try to be positive in situations that I am less than fond of.

Bills, a job where I’m unhappy, and living away from my boyfriend, friends, and family was making me miserable! (understatement) Here are a few take aways from my process:

  1. Don’t let ANYONE rush you into decisions that ultimately only affect you.
  2. Try to remain as positive as possible even when you’re in less than ideal situations.
  3. Take care of yourself! Don’t let life get you to the point that you stop loving yourself and doing things that make you happy. Things like working out and eating clean will only help you stay focused and feeling better. Take care of your skin, drink something green, get moving!
  4. Only you have the power to change your situation and your life.
  5. Dont stop following your dreams and doing things you love!

That last one really takes the cake for me. Sometimes when we hate things that we’re involved in we tend to get lazy and neglect our goals out of frustration, anger, exhaustion, or laziness. Trust me I know. That’s what hindered me from starting this blog! Guys, I really just want you to keep your beautiful heads up and realize life is beautiful and discomfort is only temporary.