I Can’t Believe I’m Actually Doing It!

imageToday was the first time I actually called myself a stylist to a client…and it felt phenomenal!

I styled this guy (above) because his mommy and 2 little girls were looking for something for him for some personal senior pics he’s about to take. And his mom wanted a suit for him to wear in college to interviews and such. Here are some of the details of his fit:

•The shirt is patterned but you can’t tell from far away. I wanted to give him something classic with a little flare.

•He was tiny and wanted a fitted suit so I literally had to find the smallest size suit I could find.

•No those shoes aren’t a part of it! He already has some at home 🙂

I literally can’t put into words how empowered I felt searching and putting prints and colors colors together..and especially for a guy!

I can’t even lie. On the walking over to help the little family I was annoyed because I thought that it was taking away from my time at work. But I foolishly forgot that’s the ENTIRE reason that I’m there!! I’m realizing that we can get so angry about our current situations in life that we completely miss the opportunities that still surround us while we’re in them.

So he and his mama walked away with 4 pieces that I picked out head to toe. And I walked away feeling like I’d conquered not only an outfit but what the outfit represents. I am learning to defeat negativity that I was drowning in all while pressing towards where I want to be. Even though I’m not quite where I want to be. Make sense?

Well, now I feel like I’m rambling. Until next time!


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